Jason Thatcher: Becoming a better researcher while thriving in academic life


How do we sustain an academic career, manage the expectations of citations, and handle the unavoidable paper rejections on our road to tenure? In this talk, Jason Thatcher will share his views and experiences on being in Academia and the many facets influencing our day-to-day life.


Jason Thatcher, Milton F. Stauffer Professor of MIS, Temple University

Jason has been objectively ranked the most prolific researcher in the Information Systems discipline three times, most recently in 2021. Jason has won awards for teaching, research, and service - but is most proud of his work with doctoral students in the United States, Hong Kong, Denmark, and Germany - he contends that there are not many professional accomplishments of greater value, than watching a young scholar mature and flourish. Beyond his academic contributions, Jason has built an impressive LinkedIn presence wherein he shares various views, reflections, and thoughts on being in academia with his more than 23 thousand followers.

Oct 27, 2023 15:00 — 16:00
IT-University of Copenhagen, 2F13
Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen, 2300